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Origins of Simply Sales

Faheem Yousufzai founded Simply Sales Consultancy in October 2010.

His clear vision ensured a business coaching/mentoring company that not only provides expert, exciting strategies, but realistic ones that will help individuals achieve ALL their business and personal goals.

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Faheem Yousufzai
Managing Director


I am the owner of a Beauty Salon which I’ve ran for seven years. Last year my business suffered due to the recession. Profits and morale were down. I was feeling negative and lacked motivation. I knew things had to change but was unsure how. This is where Faheem came in… Faheem has given me [...]

Beauty Boutique
Kelly Murray – Lichfield

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Your Questions Answered

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What do you mean by ‘Business Coaching’ exactly?

We work with businesses to primarily increasing their profits and enable business owners to achieve their goals. We achieve this by working on keys areas of your business.

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Do you cover all areas of the business?

Yes we do. Once we sit down with you and understand your exact business needs we, together, will identify which areas of the business need tackling first and then continue from there.

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Who do you work with?

We work with businesses in sectors ranging from Health & Beauty to Creative to Professional sectors; from professional services to selling hair products!

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  • Learning how to sell effectively will allow your business to grow without limits. People will buy from sincere people NOT slick performers!